Dwór Piekary Śląskie


Everyday till 12:00pm

Cold Plate: ham, cheese,bread, butter, jam,served with coffee or tea.

"Frankfurter" sausage with bread with butter, jam, ketchup, mustard, served with breakfast coffee or tea.

Scrambled eggs (4 eggs, made on butter) with bread with butter, jam, served with breakfast coffee or tea.

Scrambled eggs (4 eggs, made on bacon) with bread, butter, jam, served with breakfast coffee or tea.

Omlette with mushrooms with bread, butter, jam, served with breakfast coffee or tea.

Sandwich with ham and cheese werved with breakfast coffee or tea.

Traditional Silesian Disches

Silesian beef roulade stuffed with bacon, onion, cucumber, well seasoned.

Silesian pork roulade stuffed with bacon, onion,cucumber, well seasoned.

A Polish potato pancake and goulash (hearty stew ) dish  topped with cheese and sour creme.

Roast pork in gravy

Pork knuckle cooked served by weight

Pork ribs with potatoes and sauerkraut

Chicken liver served with baked apple

Pork tenderlion with chantarelles

Pork tenderlion with begetables and rice

Beef sirloin with garlic butter

Pepper beef steak

Pork Chops served with cheese sos

Roasted pork loin

Pork lin wrapped with cabbage

Swiss-stylke chops with butter and cheese inside

Beef Strogonow

Kebab with chips and tzatzyki sos

Ox tongue in horseradish sos

Toasted weal in gravy

Paultry Dishes

A quarter of a duck

De'volaile a 'la hubertus

Chicken breast with roasted asparagus and cheese

Poultry shish kebab

Grilled chicken filet

Paris style chicken filet

Seasame chicken breast

Crispy chicken wings

Chicken leg

Fish and Seafood Dishes

Sole Fish in carem shrimp sauce

Fried salmon


Boiled trout with begetables

Tench in a creamy mushroom sos

Grilled tour

Fried Mintaj Fish



Ceazar salad with chicken breast

Greek salad

Country Style salad

Seasonal salad

Mixed side salad

Red cabbage salad

Roasted white cabbage


Celary salad

Steamed vegetables

Beets wit happle

Carrots and peas

Green Beans with butter

Fried mushorooms


Side Dishes

Polish or silesain potatoe dumplings

Boiled potatoes

French fries

Fried potatoes





 Hot ice cream with nuts, raisins, whipped cream and rasberry sos.

Ice cream Desert with fruit coctail

Apple-pie or other cake of a day

Peaches in hot toffee sauce with walnuts and ice cream

Pancakes with cheese served with chocolate cream and ice cream

Hot pears tan of hot rum, served with ice cream and whipped cream


Cold Drinks

Hot Drinks





We sale cigarettes


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