Dwór Piekary Śląskie

The first mention of the DWOR in Piekary Slaskie come from the twelfth century. The 1314 conference took place here Silesian princes. In the first half of the fifteenth century manor house was around the farm, which included a brickyard, lime mine and a brewery.


In the early seventeenth century manor was acquired by Lazarus Count Henckel von Donnersmarck, who expanded the brewery and built a distillery, and in Piekary ran a tavern. July 27, 1697, he arrived in Piekary August II, where he received the Catholic faith. After Mass, visited Piekary, dropping into the peasant huts, talked with the craftsmen, and finally went to the baker's mansion, where the tables were already covered for dinner. From contemporary records we know that the feast of the statement: quarter of venison, calves and steers, poultry in various forms, roast pigeon, tongues, beaver tails, and many other specialties.

Until 1938 Baker court was inherited by successive descendants of the family Donnersmarck, then was redeemed by the Company settlement "Silesian" company from liability in Katowice. During World War II the manor was taken over by the Financial Department of the German Reich and, after liberation from the occupation of land manor passed into the hands of the Polish State Treasury.

Another illustrious visitor was a baker mansion Augustus III, the son of Augustus the Strong, who visited the local exhibition of paintings, which arranged the Earl Donnersmarck.

In the 90's, the manor was sold to private owners.

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