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Decoration of the hall for weddings, communions, birthdays and other events is not easy as it often seems ... It must be carefully constructed, with the selection of an appropriate color scheme, selecting appropriate material and spatial form. Our experience allows us to create a special decoration on request, which will be matched in every respect for your expectations and what is most important will be optimally blend in with the room. The composition of our decorations include elements such as the hall ceiling decoration, decoration of bride and groom (or byrding at the birth), decorating the tables for guests, decorating the pillars and many other elements that create an amazing effect. Decorative ceiling room may be made from elements such as balloons, fabric, or a mixture of balloons with the use of materials. The choice of balloons, materials and other elements of decoration is matched according to your wishes, how and to underscore the character of the room.


An unusual addition to decorations at the wedding is to combine it with the cutlery on the white chairs. I really recommend!
I assure you that if you decide to decorate the hall for a wedding or another event commemorative decorations will not only make a lasting impression on you, and guests will enjoy it!

White covering on chairs

The white covering on chairs are complementary to each wedding


Rent a chocolate fountain

Guest can enjoy the chocolate fountain we have, it is an attraction both for you and your guests.







Rental fonntany Wine

In our offer we have a fountain for wine. It is a fountain that can be used for various special events such as weddings, birthdays, business meetings, class meetings, and many others. I recommende it!



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